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Updated: 05 NOV 17

Web site launched: 1996

(1) Estes Ave., Chicago. I lived here (2nd floor in the right rear, windows not visible here) for 9 years, starting before school age. Apparently the building is undergoing a condo conversion.

(3) Greenleaf Ave., Chicago. Moving here from Estes Ave. (2 blocks away), I lived here (second floor in the left front) for the next 9 years.

(4) Morse Ave., Chicago. This was the local shopping area. Delicatessens to rival New York, fine clothing stores, bakeries, etc. Today it seems that pizza, produce and liquor are the items of choice here. In the background you can see the “L”, or elevated train - still the best way to get around Chicago

(11) Devon Ave., Chicago. This was Morse Ave. on steroids. While the most significant shopping section of Morse was a block long, Devon went on for blocks. Today the old stores have been replaced by an almost endless variety of sari shops and Indian restaurants.