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Updated: 05 NOV 17

Web site launched: 1996

(2) Eugene Field Elementary School, Ashland Ave., Chicago. I went here for 9 years (grades K through 8). A large school, it is 3 stories tall and takes up most of a city block. Oddly enough for such a large school, it didn’t have a lunch room available so almost all students had to run home, eat lunch and run back, all in 30 minutes.

(5) Roger C. Sullivan High School, Bosworth Ave., Chicago. Sullivan, named after a colorful Chicago politician, was the smallest high school in Chicago but was academically ranked second. The sports teams were nothing to brag about, though. When I went there, the most famous graduate to that point had been Shecky Greene the comedian.

(12) Illinois Institute of Technology, Federal St., Chicago. I started programming when I was in elementary school and this is where I came to do it. The language was IITRAN on an IBM System/360 and the storage medium was punch cards.