An exceptional, multifaceted, global executive, strategist and technology expert who has transformed companies in a variety of industries, including the New York Stock Exchange. Award-winning Chief Information and Technology Officer with deep experience on many boards and in university classrooms.

  • Versed in the latest advances in technology software and hardware.
  • Brings a multidisciplinary perspective and imagination to transforming industries from the bottom up in complex and highly competitive industries.
  • A visionary leader who often breaks free of conventional thinking and encourages others to do the same to create innovative strategies.
  • Valued for the exceptional ability to utilize existing and find new, substantial ways to use technology to improve and impact businesses, achieve company goals, reduce costs and develop people.
  • A creative problem-solver who generates first-in-industry business initiatives.
    Leader and manager of highly successful teams, who inspires and motivates people to perform at their highest levels.
  • Trusted advisor to top management.
  • A clear, persuasive communicator skilled at cultivating and fostering partnerships.
  • Extensive experience teaching university-level computer science courses.
  • Government clearance from major federal security, intelligence and law enforcement agencies for addressing cybersecurity/counter-terrorism issues.


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