Success Stories

Sun Microsystems Stellar Achievement Award (PDF)

By Jonathan Schwartz, Sun Microsystems
21 September 2004

…And finally I want to actually invite up Steve Rubinow who’s the Chief Technology Officer for Archipelago and certainly one of our more colorful customers. But that’s certainly not what the award is for. The award is for outstanding innovation and high volume trade transaction on Solaris. Maybe you can tell us a little bit about that…(click on link above to view entire story: pp. 40-42).

Archipelago:  Sun Customer Success Story (PDF)

By Sun
April 2003

For those who caught Archipelago’s “The Open Show” – a series of 81 daily commercials chronicling the travels of two hapless guys looking for the right venue to signal the opening of Archipelago’s electronic exchange (ArcaEx) – the message is clear: this is going to be different – really different…(click on either link above to view entire story).

Archipelago Exchange:  Forsythe Customer Success Story (PDF)

By Forsythe Technology – 2003 Annual Report
April 2004

The Archipelago Exchange (ArcaEx) is a totally open, fully-electronic stock exchange with a daily trading volume that has exceeded 800 million shares. ArcaEx trades in all New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq, and American Stock Exchange stocks as well as securities with a primary listing on ArcaEx…(click on link above to view entire story: document pp. 8-9, Adobe Reader pp. 10-11).

Archipelago Exchange: Brocade Customer Success Story (PDF)

By Brocade
April 2004

The Archipelago Exchange (ArcaEx), the world’s largest electronic stock exchange in dollar value of shares traded, deployed Brocade-based SANs to achieve a high-performance environment and improve storage provisioning and utilization…(click on either link above to view entire story).

Archipelago Exchange:  Veritas Customer Success Story (PDF)

By Veritas
September 2003

The Archipelago Exchange is the nation’s first totally open, all-electronic stock exchange and a recent entrant in an industry dominated by firms established more than a century ago. An alliance with the Pacific Exchange has created a marketplace that features all-electronic trading, openness, and speed, leveling the playing field for all investors. In April 2003, Archipelago rolled out OTC symbols and is now the world’s largest all-electronic stock exchange…(click on either link above to view entire story

Archipelago Exchange: TransactTools Real-World Customer Solutions (PDF)

By TransactTools
July 2002

Archipelago was launched in 1997 as one of the four original ECNs approved by the SEC. Since its inception, Archipelago has offered its subscribers outbound order preferencing and has effectively created a national limit order book for Nasdaq and listed stocks. In 2000, Archipelago partnered with the Pacific Exchange, Inc. (PCX) to create the first totally open, electronic stock market in the United States. The rules governing the Archipelago Exchange (ArcaEx) were approved by the SEC in October 2001. In 2002, Archipelago completed its merger with REDIBook, another leading ECN…(click on either link above to view entire story)