Summer Getaways
By Waters
1 August 2006

You have your pick of seats on the train. “Out-of-office” auto-responses fill your inbox. Yes, the dog days of summer are here. Before rushing off to pack their bags, several industry participants told Waters how they plan to spend their valuable time away from the office.

• Christopher R. Shaw, head of program and algorithmic trading, Americas, HSBC Securities (USA)

Vacation Destination: Amagansett, New York.

Favorite Summer Activity: I enjoy riding my motorcycle in the country.

Beach Reading: Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner, and The First American: The Life and Times of Benjamin Franklin by H. W. Brands

Planned Movie Watching: Pixar’s Cars

How to Stay Cool: Spend a lot of time in the pool.

Summer Projects: Coordinating the remodeling of two bathrooms in my apartment.

BlackBerry/Pager Location: Close at hand. Such is life.

• Jerry Levine, vice president, information technology, AQR Capital Management

Vacation Destination: Camping with my sons on the coast of Long Island, New York. Then it’s off to the shores of Long Beach Island, New Jersey.

Favorite Summer Activity: Swimming and playing with my children by day, and enjoying the warm summer nights with my awesome wife Beth.

Beach Reading: With four kids 12 and under I don’t read—I boogie-board and lifeguard. After the beach I plan to finish a Clive Cussler novel collection I started during my commuting days. I also want to start on some politically charged non-fiction.

Planned Movie Watching: The Da Vinci Code before it leaves the theaters.

How to Stay Cool: Swimming after work and enjoying the central air conditioning in my newly renovated home. Also, I recently discovered that I have a talent for making amazing frozen drinks.

Summer Projects: None. Projects at work keep me busy enough.

BlackBerry/Pager Location: Right on my Speedo.

• Mark Keefe, chief technology officer, Quadriserv Securities

Vacation Destination: Somerset and Cornwall in England. And with any luck, a farmhouse near the coast of Devon, if there are any last-minute deals left.

Favorite Summer Activity: Getting out to faraway places.

Beach Reading: I guess the time has come to crack open The Da Vinci Code as soon as my middle-schooler finishes reading it.

Planned Movie Watching: The Da Vinci Code

How to Stay Cool: Every year, we buy another one of those inflatable pools for our deck to replace the one the squirrels, puppies or other wild furry things destroyed last summer.

Summer Projects: Replacing the area of the deck that caved in from the weight of the pool.

BlackBerry/Pager Location: I’ll have it with me in case I’m in a town where I need to access Google Earth, but I don’t expect to get much reception in the moors of Devon.

• Anthony Bishop, chief product strategist, head of product management, Wachovia Corporate Investment Bank technology

Vacation Destination: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Favorite Summer Activity: Playing at the beach or the pool with the family.

Beach Reading: Making Critical Technology Decisions from Aspatore Books

Planned Movie Watching: ClickMiami Vice and World Trade Center

How to Stay Cool: Playing in the pool with my wife and son.

Summer Projects: Sleep supplementation and I plan to finish our newly built home.

BlackBerry/Pager Location: Close by and with me during the day.

• Michael Mollemans, head of electronic execution sales, Daiwa Securities America

Vacation Destination: Tokyo and Bangkok

Favorite Summer Activity: Spending time with family and friends.

Beach Reading: Tourism guides

Planned Movie Watching: None.

How to Stay Cool: Actually, I plan on staying hot most of the time.

Summer Projects: The top item on my to-do list is “nothing at all.” Hopefully I’ll get around to it.

BlackBerry/Pager Location: My summer vacation is effectively rehab for my BlackBerry addiction. Therefore, the BlackBerry stays at the office.

• Sean Park, head of digital markets, Dresdner Kleinwort

Vacation Destination: Provence, France

Favorite Summer Activity: Hanging out with my family by the pool.

Beach Reading: I plan to finish The Singularity Is Near by Ray Kurzweil, and Synthetic Worlds by Edward Castronova.

Planned Movie Watching: I will watch whatever is playing on British Airways’ long-haul flight.

How to Stay Cool: Lots of iced tea.

Summer Projects: Try to get in a few hundred kilometers of cycling. Oh, and world peace.

BlackBerry/Pager Location: On the kitchen table.

• Todd Loudenslager, senior risk officer for consumer banking, US Bank

Vacation Destination: Taking 12 boy scouts to the Bahamas for a sailing adventure.

Favorite Summer Activity: Camping, hiking and gardening.

Beach Reading: Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman

Planned Movie Watching: Pirates of the Caribbean

How to Stay Cool: Relaxing on the deck.

Summer Projects: Finish landscaping the back yard, replace the front porch and start to write the great novel.

BlackBerry/Pager Location: My BlackBerry will be off the boat because I’ll be on it.

• Steve Rubinow, executive vice president and CTO of the NYSE Group

Vacation Destination: New Mexico

Favorite Summer Activity: Hiking and biking.

Beach Reading: Origin of Wealth: Evolution, Complexity, and the Radical Remaking of Economics by Eric D. Beinhocker, and The Psychology of Science and the Origins of the Scientific Mind by Gregory J. Feist

Planned Movie Watching: None stand out, although I’m sure I’ll see quite a few.

How to Stay Cool: Mountaintops and air-conditioned places near sea level.

Summer Projects: Some home improvements.

BlackBerry/Pager Location: Where I always keep it—right next to my heart. At night, I lay it down on its own little BlackBerry pillow, right next to mine. Does anyone know the proper SPF for BlackBerry sunblock? Do you think I’m a wee bit obsessed with information?

• Michael Atkin, managing director, EDM Council

Vacation Destination: With family, it will be white-water rafting on Snake River, Idaho. With friends, it will be a fly-fishing back-country trip into the wilds of Utah.

Favorite Summer Activity: Barbecue at the pool in the backyard with blues on the speakers and tequila in the blender.

Beach Reading: The complete Flashman Papers again.

Planned Movie Watching: Whichever movie my kids drag me to see—willingly.

How to Stay Cool: Dark shades and a big smile.

Summer Projects: Rebuild the retaining wall. Oh joy.

BlackBerry/Pager Location: Ideally in a drawer, but realistically within reaching distance.