Personalizing digital experiences: A conversation with Catalina CTO Steve Rubinow

by Katie Lett, IBM
18 August 2015

While in Chicago at the recent CIO Leadership Exchange event I was able to talk with Catalina’s Chief Technology Officer Steve Rubinow. You may not have heard of Catalina, but you’ve definitely experienced their services. Back in 1983 they invented the concept of targeted coupons—offering discounts to shoppers as they check out at grocery stores. So you have Catalina (and Steve) to thank for your $1 discount on laundry detergent at the cash register. Today they now provide personalized digital experiences, offering discounts and offers through mobile, online and in-store networks for the world’s leading consumer packaged goods (CPG) retailers and brands. As CTO, Rubinow (who also holds the title of executive vice president) leads Catalina’s global technology function, and has over 30 years of technology leadership experience. I sat down with him to talk about big career risks he has taken that have paid off and why you should never get too comfortable at your job (podcast).

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